So, if I was doing a live show, I would have some kind of intro for each tune before playing it.

Think of this as kind of like the liner notes on an old fashioned LP

1. Another Year Gone

I can remember when each season took it’s time, spring sliding into summer, summer falling into autumn, autumn stumbling into winter, winter melting into spring.

Now they sneak up on me.

2. I Been Worryin

I wanted this to be a live recording with an audience but it was just not possible, so we recorded the tunes live in the studio to give you that feeling when you listen.

After all, there’s no sense worrying about things you can’t control, although sometimes it’s hard not to.

3. Woke Up This Mornin

Now when you get to a certain age you become aware of the possibility that one day you might wake up, gone…so every day is a gift, each day a birthday.

4. Don’t Pray Me No Prayers When I’m Gone

That said, when the end does come, as to all it must, there’s some things I feel quite sure about, about what should and shouldn’t happen after.

5. You Just Might Get It

I suppose it is impossible to be aware of what is happening in the world and not have some questions about what the hell is going on. And sometimes it’s better not to be spending time on wishes…

6. Don’t Come Runnin To Me

Popular music, whatever genre, has a tendency to be about relationships, good love or bad, like this next one, a lyric that spans decades and arrives at a sad conclusion.

7. Random Walk  Start All Over Again

I have always had trouble with mathematics, but I have always been fascinated by mathematical concepts and problems. Thanks to google and Wikipedia I can at least try to understand some of it.

8. Only The Blues Remains

I have explored over the years the meaning of the blues, its inevitability, how it should not ever be unexpected.

9. Too Damn Down To Weep

There are times when I have despaired, about my music, my heart, my life in general. Those moments are fertile ground for the blues.

10. Southbound Train

I can remember songs from my youth about leaving, about saying goodbye.

They come back to me every once in a while.

11. Won’t You Come And See Me

One never knows where inspiration will come from, a simple accident and lingering injury that had me moving slowly sparked this tune, that afterwards took me on a different journey.

12. Nowhere To Go But Up

When you are paralyzed by the past, when the future seems daunting, sometimes simple movement is the beginning of the solution.