Smiling Jack Smith

“I’ve Got the Blues But That’s All Right With Me”

Smiling Jack Smith is an accomplished international touring artist who knows about life. He can tell a good story while his songs will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone. His perspective on the human condition is drawn from things he sees every day. After five decades of performing he has a lot to share.

Following a recent engagement in California, a man who had lent him a 1933 Gibson guitar commented, “The stories you told and the songs you sang about the third act of life connected most with me.” The well known Canadian performer Norman Foote once said, “Jesus Jack, I thought the blues was supposed to be sad! You had me laughing the whole night.” The songs of Smiling Jack Smith unfold as wry commentary on the human condition while his stories deliver lessons for those of all ages.

As Smiling Jack Smith enters his sixth decade as a singer songwriter he shows no signs of slowing on a journey that has taken him from New York City to Vancouver to Spain. He now makes his home in a small mountain village outside Madrid. There he is content to live a life as housefather and parent while continuing to create original music. As threads of melody and ideas emerge, he weaves them into new songs.

Over the years, Jack has explored many different styles and genres, from folk to rock to country to blues. But it is the blues that drives him along, creating a very special take on this thing we call The Blues. Over the years he has been t opening act for B.B. King, John Mayall, Bonnie Raitt, Charlie Musselwhite, Johnny Clyde Copeland, John Hammond Jr, Reverend Gary Davis, Captain Beefheart, Larry Coreyell, and Lou Reed, among others.

Smiling Jack Smith has released eight albums of original music. Now he has released a new CD with his band, The New Panama Limited, a group that includes a tuba, two guitars and a small drum kit. He has performed with these musicians for years; their unique combination of new and old sounds really works.

Although he has lived in Spain for the last 25 years, with side trips to Hamburg and Kiel Germany, Jack tries to get back to Canada as often as possible, most recently appearing on the west coast, with the occasional visit to Calgary and points east. We are currently booking a Fall tour with openings for engagements.

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