Smiling Jack Smith

The New Panama Limited

The New Panama Limited is a new-old-sounding band which resonates to the roots of the blues while maintaining a contemporary feel provided by Jack's ever expanding repertoire of original songs.

Smiling Jack Smith is originally from New York City. He moved to Spain 22 years ago after living 20 years in Vancouver, Canada. Jack has released 7 CDs in Spain and has played his music in clubs and festivals on 3 continents.

David Gwynn is a multifaceted guitarist from California who has worked with some of the best known acts in Spain and has the Blues deep in his heart. He has worked with Jack on his last two CDs.

Quique Villafañe is an exceptional drummer and in this band shows his abilities playing on a cut-down kit without losing impact or expression, always the beating heart of the band. He has worked on two of Jack's CDs.

David Herrington is a multi-instrumentalist playing different horns in various groups like Mastretta and the East Coast Trio. His tuba is an essential part of the band, much more than just a substitute for a bass.